Why Choose Apex Electrics for Commercial Solar?

Apex Electrics specialises in high-quality, large-scale commercial solar installations, with a focus on optimising energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness for businesses. We cater to a diverse range of sectors including retail giants, industrial complexes, and healthcare facilities.

Our skilled team ensures a seamless transition to solar, with a commitment to professional workmanship and aesthetic excellence.

Our Expertise in Solar Projects

We have successfully completed significant projects for clients including Bunnings Warehouse and large hospitals, demonstrating our capability to manage and execute complex solar installations. Our approach is tailored to meet the unique energy needs of each business, ensuring optimal system performance and sustainability.

Benefits of Going Solar with Apex Electrics

  • Enhanced Efficiency

    Our solar solutions are designed not just to cut current expenses but to optimise overall energy management, making your operations more cost-efficient and economically sustainable.

  • Eco-Friendly Brand Image

    By transitioning to solar, your company showcases a commitment to environmental stewardship, enhancing your brand's reputation and aligning with global sustainability goals.

  • Reliability and Independence

    Our solar systems provide a stable, independent power supply that minimises your dependency on the grid and safeguards against fluctuating energy prices.

  • Government Incentives

    We streamline the process of obtaining government rebates and incentives, ensuring that your investment in solar technology maximises financial returns and accelerates the payback period.

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The Installation Process

Initial Consultation

We begin with a detailed assessment to understand your facility's energy usage and infrastructure. This step involves analysing your current energy bills and a physical site inspection to identify the most effective solar system configuration.

Initial Consultation

System Design

Based on the initial findings, our engineers design a solar power system that aligns perfectly with your energy needs and site layout. We focus on maximising energy production while considering aesthetic and structural integrity.

System Design

Installation and Commissioning

 Our certified team manages the installation from start to finish, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily operations. We adhere strictly to safety and industry standards, while also conducting a series of performance tests to ensure system efficiency.

Installation and Commissioning

Testing and Integration

After installation, we perform rigorous testing to verify that the system operates correctly and integrates smoothly with your existing electrical infrastructure. This step includes synchronisation with the grid and setting up monitoring systems to track energy production and usage.

Testing and Integration

Post-Installation Support

We provide extensive after-installation services including operational training, regular maintenance, and system performance monitoring. Our commitment extends beyond installation, with a focus on long-term system efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Post-Installation Support

Commercial Solar Installations FAQs

Find answers to common questions about Commercial Solar Installations.

Installing solar panels significantly reduces electricity costs. Businesses can also benefit from government incentives, and the increased property value from sustainable upgrades.

The timeline will vary based on the project size and complexity. Typically, an installation can be completed within a few weeks to a few months, from initial assessment to final commissioning. The time taken will differ depending on the size and complexities of the job.

Yes, our solar solutions are customisable to fit various business sizes and industries. We conduct detailed site assessments to ensure that each system is optimised for its specific location and energy requirements.

Commercial solar systems require minimal maintenance, usually involving routine physical inspections, checks, performance testing, and cleaning to ensure optimal performance. We offer comprehensive maintenance services to handle these needs.